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24 January 2009 @ 10:30 am

Welcome to Broken Memoir! This community is for graphics & resources. So feel free to join or watch this community.

Remember, some entries may be f-locked due to bandwidth purposes. If you just watch the community, you will not get access to the locked entries. But, if you're interested in resources you can freely just watch the community and get access to the resources and the public entries.

Rules are simple & short! No hot-linking, follow whatever the entry says, credit graphics, but you do not need to credit resources ( textures/brushes) that I post. If you choose to put the community into your resource list, go right ahead. Of course, never redistribute any of the stuff you see here without permission. Same thing as do not modify graphics you use. Thanks.

So Join or Watch the community! Membership is now public until further notice. Make sure you at least have an active journal in some way. I hope you enjoy your membership here at brokenmemoir :]

We are accepting affiliates, if you want to be part , just comment here with a 88x31 button , or link; then add us and we will add you back.

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